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About Eastville Park
Bowls Club

​Lawn bowls is a simple game that you can learn in minutes but take a lifeltime to master. It requires skill, dexterity, tenacity, tactics and a fair bit of luck.

Each bowl has a weighted bias to allow the ball to curve towards, or away from, the target ball [the Jack], and the player, or team, who gets their bowls closest to the Jack scores the points. 

Lawn Bowlers have been playing on the greens in Eastville Park since 1910 and over the years there have been many different bowls club in the park; and we still have the old woods and honours boards from those earlier generations of bowlers.

The current club formed at the end of the 2019 season and took over using the greens around the historic buildings in the top corner of the park from Eastvillains & Whithall Bowling Club. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has prevented any play until this year.

Traditionally, bowls is percieved as a game for the older members of our society; but at Eastville Park we are keen to break the sterotype and bring the game to a much wider range of participants, ​Everyone can come and play without the formality which is often a feature of more traditional bowling clubs.

We want our membership to be fuilly inclusive and representative of our local community. We welcome you regardless of age, diversity and ability; and hope through our regular introductory sessions and community participation plans to bring you into the game.

We welcome families to come and play and children under 16 are free, but need to be accompanied by a responsible person over 16 years old.

We have sets of bowls in vaious sizes, including smaller bowls suitable for children, for you to use. Or you can bring your own

Come on down and have a bowl ..... it might just change your life.

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